President Gerald McCarty has built upon 30 years in the building trades and former design studies while attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Three years working in Europe afforded time and research of historical domes and their influence on modern day architecture. MDI uses a segmented dome system capable of withstanding 200 MPH at 160ft diameter. 24ft & smaller diameters may use our patented wood and steel system, the “COMBO”.

MDI Engineering Groups’ history in dome design has addressed the most adverse seismic, wind, contributing dead loads and missile impact requirements nationwide.

Located in Tucson Arizona, McCarty Domes Inc/Roof Domes LLC is committed to the highest level of customer service offering timely answers for budget and technical questions, preliminary drawings and cost saving options.



Early on in 2000 McCarty designed and engineered his first dome in Tucson for his home. It became a building component that could be useful for other builders. In 2002 the DOME KIT was patented & won the SAHBA 2002 First Place Presidential Award given by Southern Arizona Home Builders Association. With now successful projects in 25 states MDI continues to draw on its history of design with proven outcome. MDI feels every new project receives the benefit of what the company has learned. We start from the beginning with your ideas and FYI almost every dome is a “one-off”.

Direct coordination with:
Architect of Record
Engineer of Record
General Contractor
Roofing Contractors
Interior Specialists

McCarty Domes Inc & Roof Domes LLC is expanding internationally to markets in
Europe, Australia, Caribbean and the Middle-East.

Companies interested in marketing the Roof Dome kit should contact our office to arrange an agreement. To initiate discussion, please forward a corporate profile and letter of intent.

For those in the building materials industry, this is a tremendous opportunity to add a unique architectural element to your product line.

Architects, Designers and General Contractors can contact our offices requesting product information .

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